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Best Statewide Meeting


Welcome to the home page for the Hampton Roads Chapter of the American Payroll Association. The Hampton Roads Chapter of the American Payroll Association (HRAPA) is affiliated with American Payroll Institute, Inc. (dba American Payroll Association) but is an autonomous and independent organization.This site is designed to provide all area payroll professions with valuable information about our events, sponsors, and other miscellaneous chapter information. 


What is the APA?

The American Payroll Association is dedicated to supporting the Payroll Professional, with member benefits including certification, reference materials, payroll training and networking.  Read more



 2nd place best state region meeting


Congratulations to the Hampton Roads Chapter of APA along with the 6 other participating Virginia & West Virgina local chapters for coming in 2nd place for the Best Statewide or Regional Meeting Award.  Great job for all who took part in Virginia Statewide Payroll Conference to allow us to receive such honors.  See Other Chapter recognition listed under Special Announcements -2017 Annual Congress Awards  What will be in store for us in 2018? 


August 10, 2017 Breakfast Meeting 2 RCH's

August 10, 2017
8:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Norfolk International Airport Conference Center
2200 Norview Avenue
Norfolk, VA 23518

August 10, 2017 Breakfast Meeting 2 RCH's


Community Service


HRAPA chapter will be hosting a money donation drive for the Healthbrigade in our August meeting. This is the Virginia Statewide Payroll Conference charity project for this year's conference.

For more information visit the Hampton Roads Community Service website.



Upcoming Events 


  35th Annual Congress

May 16-20, 2017

Orlando World Center Marriott

Orlando, FL

2017 Congress 

 Visit http://www.americanpayroll.org/congress// for more details


 Visit http://vspc-apa.com/ for more details


National Payroll Week — September 4-8, 2017

National Payroll Week celebrates the hard work by America's 150 million wage earners and the payroll professionals who pay them. Together, through the payroll withholding system, they contribute, collect, report and deposit approximately $2.2 trillion, or 67%, of the annual revenue of the U.S. Treasury


The HRAPA will be celebrating National Payroll Week at their September 7, 2016 meeting.  Register for the meeting to help the board members celebrate this special occassion. 

Special Announcements

2017 Annual Congress Awards

Hampton Roads Chapter want to Congratulate the following: 

2017 APA Congress Women and Man of the Year

2017 Payroll Women of the Year

Stephanie Salavejus, CPP (Virginia)

 2017 Payorll Man of theYear

David Wakeling, CPP (California)

Congratulations to Stephanie and David for receiving  the 2017 top APA honors.  Your friends from the HRAPA chapter.


2017 Special Recognition Award

Melinee' D. Cody, CPP (Virginia)

Congratulations to Melinee' for receiving the APA 2017 Special Recogniation Award.  A great accomplishment for the hard work you have done at the National, State and local level.


Local Chapters Awards




Washington Metropolitan Area Chapter of the APA

 2017 Communicator Gavel Award

2nd Place 2017 Chapter Pictorial Contest


Richmond Chapter

Richmond Chapter APA

3rd Place 2017 Best Chapter Website Contest




2016 Virgina Statewide Payroll Conference Award 

Payroll Professional of the Year 

Jackie Kronstain, CPP

Jackie Congratulations!!!!

from the Hampton Roads Chapter APA  Board

'The Best Chapter Booth' Award

Congratulations to the Hampton Road Chapter of APA for wining 'The Best Chapter Booth" Award


Derika Burgess. FPC

Derika Burgess, FPC

Ashley Latham

Ashley Latham, FPC

Jennifer Mitchell, FPC

Bridget O'Connell, FPC

Congtulations to Derika Burges, Ashley Latham, Jennifer Mitchell and Bridget O'Connell for passing the FPC exam

From  the Officers and members of the Hampton Roads Chapter APA